For years after graduating from the university, I searched for jobs but found nothing that inspired my passion. Last year, I came face to face with my passion while attending the Aso oke festival festival in my home town of Iseyin. Being a guest at the maiden edition, I said to myself that if I could be part of this thing, I would put some touches to make it better. As things would have it when passion and truth are aligned, this year I managed the project. In managing, I found myself dealing with the locals, often unaccustomed with ‘official’ working norms and their being illiterate did not improve what was at the foundation a difficult situation. I found myself working alongside over 1,200 members of the weavers association (all Men). In addition, I travelled around with over 10 committee members (all Men) always as the only woman. In spite of whispers of my incompetence due to my age (32) and gender, I was not dissuaded and trudged on. On this journey, I passed through some stages where I wanted to quit, as the words of men and women speaking against my ability to deliver found their mark. ‘What does she have to offer?’ ‘Can she actually manage this very big project?’ ‘Why must it be her?’ At these moments, it was the support of a small community of colleagues that believed in me that kept me going. The 2nd edition of Aso oke festival was held on the 16th of September 2017 and was a resounding success with clamors for future editions to come. Today, as I write this, I am still getting kudos for what was. I make a point to remind the well-wishers that women can also make things happen especially coming from a community where they don’t believe in us, even we don’t believe in ourselves . This is just the beginning, and the best is yet to come. Nothing is difficult if you put passion in whatever you do. I said I was going to make it better and I made it happen. Women for the top!!