She ROARs is a call to unlearn, to connect, to grow and soar together. It is to Reimagine Our Africa Rising.
At She ROARs we connect you to your whole that your ROAR may carry the depths of your dreams, for each tune is creation in motion.

01 In conscious connection, we strengthen — from the strength of the core we ROAR.

Listen to this power within and the strength of her guidance — for what you seek is also seeking you. In listening, vision, for we have the freedom to choose to ascend and rise from our circumstances and actualize our highest selves

02. Your will is your creator force.

The more powerful your connection to your will is, the more unstoppable you are.

03. Clear plans, they guide you.

What is your vision? Hold it in your heart. What does it feel like? What is one step you can take today that brings you closer to the woman you are creating? Each thought is a building block — each step is built on blocks — each action begets more. Your plan need not be fully formed for it will continue to grow with time. But it needs form. So take the time to visualize and articulate. Write it out, what does it read like? Collage it — what does the answer look like? Sketch it out — will your hopes and dreams to existence.

04. The discipline of structure will propel you.

Structure including routines strengthen the bridge between wanting to do something and actually doing it. The stronger this bridge is, the more powerful our ability to tap into our will.

05. Creative Practices, they give you wings.

Life is a call to grow — mind, body, soul. Find whatever it is that is calling to you that is a learning edge, seize it. This is your creative outlet — the practices that keep you grounded and in balance.

06. One step at a time, we go the distance

There is a lifecycle in everything.
Find peace in the knowing that every breath, every hour, every day, every season — every cycle is as an opportunity to grow. The future is this moment. What are you creating with your cycle? Progress doesn’t require massive change . It requires small consistent action. Massive change comes with consistent action over time.

07. Build Community, they will support and propel you.

We have a wise saying here in Africa that “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Today and everyday we embrace the generosity of being our sisters and brothers keeper.
Know that you do not have to go the distance alone. Together, we share, we explore, we reimagine, and we reclaim, together we ROAR.

08. And Still and always we Rise.

Out of sadness, out of pain, out of joys — we are. Know the strength of your path and in all things see the light.

ROAR in tune with the oneness and stillness of intuition.
ROAR your story to drown the ones they tell of you.
ROAR your song for no one else has your sound — the fierce oneness of your full power.
ROAR the fight, the fire, the passion, the love, the dreams of your soul.
ROAR fully — for your ROAR echoes in endless ripple effect. It’s vibrations inspire and meet others to form a web of strength that is the backbone of sisterhood, of brotherhood, and of all transformation.