Meet Our Team

Chidiogo Akunyili


Kelechi Egbuta


Kelechi is Director at She ROARs. She is an advocate for the professional, academic and economic empowerment of African women. As a Human Resources professional, she has designed talent, learning and development curricula for various organizations in Nigeria and the USA.

Mmanti Umoh


Mmanti works with women in local African communities to advance and inspire their full participation, in all facets of life. Her aim is to work towards creating a future business and political environment in which women’s leadership is seen as crucial to addressing the challenges of Africa.

Tayo Fagbohun


Tayo Fagbohun is an asset to the African Technology Ecosystem. His track records show without any equivocation that he is a force to be reckoned with in the African Innovation space.
Tayo has represented several global technology brands while on campus due to his passion for technology.
He currently acts in the capacity of a Managing Director at , a company that help companies find trained interns.Tayo was also a recruitment associate at Andela,a startup funded by Mark Zuckerberg , At Andela, Tayo executed a project that recruited only female developers and also teach them the basis of programming before connecting them to fortune 500 companies such as Google and Microsoft. Tayo believes in supporting individuals, particularly women and youth, to reaching their full potential through technology.
Tayo is also member of the Global Shapers Community, an Initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Youssef Elazhari

Media Lead

Youssef is the head of Marrkatt Agency based out of Morocco. He leads web and social media engagement strategy for She ROARs.