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Change starts with women tapping into the full strength of self and community. At She ROARs, we connect you to your whole. We give women the tools needed to build bridges to self.

What women are saying about their She ROARs event experiences

“She ROARs challenges the notion that empowerment is big and strong. Sometimes it is soft and tender, and raises an awareness of oneself.”

Lesego OtlhabanyeBotswana

“Because of She ROARs, I walk around feeling more empowered and bold. I walk with confidence to follow my dreams and walk in my own truth. I am comforted by the fact that I am not the only woman who struggles with her truth”

She ROARS participant

“This event empowered me to face my fears and become more intentional about being the virtue I want to see in future generations”

Chinaza EgbutaNigeria

“I was very happy because it was very intimate, a very safe space in which I felt very comfortable. So much was said and I'm going away having grown from the experience and the words of everyone. It was very enriching. I feel empowered”

Yoleni AndréAngola

“What a phenomenal evening. Thank you to She ROARs team for creating the space for us to express ourselves as well as be the listening ears for others. ”

She ROARS participant

“It was powerful, moving and I admire the courage and the initiative [She ROARs] has taken to make this come alive.”

She ROARS participant

“I was grateful that I was able to experience a side of the African woman in a way that was vulnerable.”

She ROARS participant

“The moment of silence shared with my workshop partner transformed the way I perceive my day to day interaction with other people. I need to make the space in my own life to reflect on my emotions.”

Gertrude ChidyausikuZimbabwe

“Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zones to provide space for others to feel comfortable. I am realizing I need to step out of my comfort zone and take courage and go past my brain and mind and fulfill my purpose."”

Gertrude ChidyausikuZimbabwe

“She ROARs is Godsent. I look forward to many more She ROARs events”

She ROARS participant

“My big takeaway was about fear and the fact that everybody has fear, and it was just how to conquer the fear. It was about asking the questions, why are you afraid and breaking it down. Why are you afraid?what are the things you are afraid of? and why are these things holding you back?”

Adebisi OjeNigeria

“I enjoyed connecting with everyone, seeing the vulnerabilities in everyone. As women, we all have a lot of the same insecurities, fears and doubts. Being able to's about what we want for ourselves, 'what am I not yet walking into that I need to walk into'. So uplifting. It was just amazing! I am so glad that I was a part of it!”

Morinsola Fifo, USANigeria


In conscious connection, we strengthen — from the strength of the core we ROAR


Your will is your creator force. The more powerful your connection to your will is, the more unstoppable you are


Clear plans, they guide you


The discipline of structure will propel you


Creative Practices, they give you wings


One step at a time, we go the distance


Build Community, they will support and propel you


And Still and always we Rise.

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