We believe women are key in unleashing the potential of Africa. We create and hold space for them to flourish.


A Pan-African community empowering women to unleash their full potential and that of the continent.

We seek a new reality. We believe that the power of women holds the key.

Our vision is to empower women across Africa to unleash their full potential and with it that of the continent. It is to empower one to empower another and this butterfly effect becomes a revolution of minds and inspirations, of voices and of ideas, of dreams and realities.

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In a world that is out of balance, now more than ever we need the power of women to heal.
Following years of working with hundreds of women across Africa, we came to the realization that there is a needed for space to support women on their journey —
connecting the personal, the physical and the professional. We support women to connect to their inner compass on the journey of life.


-interactive workshops to empower personal & professional growth
-personal coaching

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She ROARs works with women of African descent across the world to connect to their ROAR.

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In self and commitment to living our best life with all its opportunities and challenges, curating along our journey, tools that help you do the same.


Our roar can and will give those around us permission to roar in turn, rising from the ashes of the insecurities that shroud and cloak our light. It will usher in our power which we know already unlocks the potential of so many. When we invest in women, we invest in our future. Give yourself the gift of the confidence of your full power, and feel how far your roar can and will be heard

Chidiogo AkunyiliFounder, She ROARs